OLM 4 – Forgive others and reduce your BP

بسم الله الحمد لله

What can I say, busy two weeks since the last OLM and more interesting things keep happening in the medical world.

Most eye catching: Forgive and reduce your BP, watchout for hand grab rails in bathrooms they are infested!

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يشم الله الحمد لله

This week intersting reading on MRSA, Rochester rules for the newborn febrile children, why the UK is not offering the chickenpox vaccine, dealing with ovarian US reports, screening implications for cancer risk in child survivors of malignancies, Carotid Itima Media Thickness  and Sherlock Homes and more.

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OLM No 2 : From Acne to Zoledronic Acid

بشم الله الحمد لله

This week in OLM 2 some interesting topics: breastfeeding and triptans, badly behaved boys and their mums, breastfeeding and triptans and careful with zoledronic acid and impaired renal function. Also more Clopidogrel interfering drugs, risk of developing asthma, chronic cough and montelukast, wound cleaning with tap water and finally a nice set of questions when doing a paper review.

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