Family Medicine Symposium Jeddah 2011 – Hypnosis



A talk by Professor Qureshi on hypnosis. He describes how to perform hypnosis and how he has managed to do it with all sorts of people and the benefits to patients. He also teaches patients how to use self hypnosis.

The topic is potentially highly controversial as there is Islamic scholarly resistance to the use of hypnosis:

Family Medicine Symposium Jeddah 2011 – Atopic Dermatitis



Bismillah alhamdulillah:

Professor of many subjects from the USA talking about Atopic Dermatitis. A rather unpredictable choice of subject as I don’t see that much in children here. I wonder how useful the audience found the topic. The slides were overly texty. The talk overran and the take home messages are pretty much the same: stop the itch, emollients, bleach and tars and antibiotics.

Other misc. points:                                                   
IgE testing not done anymore.
Fillagrin gene mutations 9% in Europeans renders them more susceptible.
Treat with antibiotics to reduce colonisation rather then impetigo.     

3rd Family Medicine Symposium Jeddah Nov 29-30

Bismillah, alhamduillah:

The organising committee of this years Family Medicine symposium is hard at work organinsing this year’s symposium. It is due to be held in Jeddah on Nov 29 and 30 insha Allah.

The Hajj break has started and ends on the 12th of November 2011 (the first working day after the holidays). Some of the organising members will be on hand to monitor comments via the website but the contact us link will not work during this period.

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