DrTalk – medical round up for the week

Dear All

السلام عليكم

Hope you are all well. This is what came up during this week.

  • nCoV nover Corona Virus Update from WHO conference
  • Deltoid vaccination technique reminder: avoid the upper 1/3rd bec of risk of shoulder dysfunction.
  • Are children who present with abdominal pain at risk of CAP (Chronic Abdominal Pain) in later life?
  • How many disabled people are there in the world?
  • How efficient are Family Medicine Doctors (aka GPs) in the UK’s NHS (National Health Service)?
  • 52000 shortage of Family Doctors in the US by 2025!
  • Asymptomatic carotid stenosis : To operate or not?
  • Electronic Health Records
  • More talk and less electronic communication helps you become happy – study Annals of Medicine (May 2013)
  • Can we use Spironolactone in resistant acne vulgaris? (Useful paper Mar 2012)

Dr Taqi

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