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PHCC related links

PHCC Formulary (generated from PDF and with my notes. Viewable only. Drop me a line via the website if you have suggestions) – click here to see.

PHCC Tablet Pictures (tried to gather pictures of tablet boxes to help patients identify tablets – a work in progress) – click here to see

Great Visuals

Graphics & videos during consultations bec. 'a picture is worth a thousand words'

HbA1c Speedometer, Smoking Survival CurvesInsulin PICT – Pat Info Comms Tool

Drs Calculators and daily refs

Breast Ca RiskCVDASSIGN/FRAMQRISK2MAYO Statin Choice (ACC / Framingham / Reynolds), DermatomesECG PediaEpocratesErgonomics Check List,  Fracture Risk FRAX ToolGout Diet GuideHbA1cHep CLung Function, Maternal Antibody ListMoodGym (Self CBT), Paed Lab ValuesPEFR AdultsPEFR PaedsPregResp RateScreening, Steroid PotenciesSugarTravel Vaccines, Unit ConversionsVaccines KSA


To Do

  1. Private medical supply shops in Doha
  2. Pictures of inhalers

7 thoughts on “My Daily Refs

  1. Farook says:

    Dear Dr Taqi,
    I have passed my mrcgp 2 years ago and currently practising in the u.k as general practitioner. I qualified in medicine from the university of manchester.
    I intend to work in Saudi Arabia as family physician primarily due to being closer to haram.
    Please guide me on how to go about applying for job.
    Dr farook kantharia

  2. hassan says:

    Dear Dr taqi. i have got a job as family medicine consultant in riyadh . In the interview they offered me the job and they asking me to join in april.
    i will complete 3 years post cct in july. they now saying that i have to take a pro metric exam there in saudi arabia.
    I am not sure what to do as am not very keen to take any more exams and the other thing is that did not tell this to me in the interview or in the offer letter.
    If i have to take it, what is the best way to prepare this and can i take it in the uk?

    thank you and will really appreciate your help in this matter.


    • drtaqi says:


      Thank you for the question:

      Don’t worry, the prometric exam is manageable and topic specific i.e. family medicine oriented. The only problem is the score on the prometric recommends a grade. I would advise the following:

      1. Ask is a pass enough or will the grade be proportional to the grade. You want “a pass is enough”.

      2. Ask them to book you a date for the prometric and do it before you actually make any final move to wrap up in the UK. You may be able to do the Prometric at another centre – may be even in the UK. You do not need to revise much but a quick glance at ECGs and CXR will not go amiss – the level will be medical finals level. I think passing will not be difficult. Friends who have taken the exam have managed to pass without any specific preparation.

      All the best with your new post! May Allah bless your future!

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