Speech difficulties in children – quick guide

Bismillah, alhamdulillah:

Listened to a podcast on language disorders in children here were some quick notes:

What are the different types of ‘language problems’?

Language disorder = Diff understanding or using words in sentences
Speech disorder = How clearly they can pronounce the words.
Fluency disorder : How often do they get stuck on particular sounds or words or need to repeat them
What questions can family doctors ask parents?
What types of difficulties do they have?
How well do parents understand the child?
Is the child frsutrated by the problem and withdrawing?
Language environment: more than one lang, family history of speech problems
Any hearing problems?
Gen development progression or are they recent.
Lack of social interacton.
How common are speech disorders?
Speech is usually mastered by the age of 8y
Diff studies have a diff range of prevalence, bec of diff definitions
Stuttering: 2-11% of popn of pre-school chdn
Speech and Sound disorder 3-6%
Language disorder 8-20%
Upto 1 in 5 can have early delays, but not easy to predict which ones will have problems in later life. Hence risk factors important.
When to refer SLT early?
Poor understanding for their age.
Regression : they stopped using sentences or stopped using words.
Social communications dfficulties: Not using pointing when 12-14 mo or lack of eye contact.
Are treatments effective?
Speech/sound disorders i.e. stuttering and sound problems: Evidence treatment is effective after 3 years of age. RCTs Rx highly efficacious. No trials for <3y hence no EBM.
Not a cure for language disorder, will need multiple episodes of SLT. Many children will need long term support.
What can be done at home?
Pre-school: recommend high qaulity provision, parent child play groups.
Online resources
http://www.talkingpoint.org.uk/  Has a progress checker. Excellent.