MRCGP case list for Family Medicine

Bismillah, alhamdulillah:



If you have come across this page after Googling ‘MRCGP cases’ or having asked me a question on the website then welcome. I have been asked this question many times and have often wondered what is the best way of tackling the question.

My standard answer was to not prepare for specific cases and to think in general and to develop the skills set that the RCGP is looking for. But having thought about this more I have come to a slightly different conclusion: I feel a list of cases are actually extremely useful to the vast majority of candidates and videos of seeing good and bad candidates would be a very good way of preparing. But why did I change my mind?

Most learners I suspect, sorry no evidence for this apart from my observations, need to have a real-life model which they then internalise and build up their own internal theoretical framework.  The RCGP I think does not quite believe this or is worried that giving away a list of cases will render their exam ineffective and hence keep talking about confidentiality of the cases that doctors have seen. I think they are mistaken and should re-visit this frame of mind.

So just give me the case list I hear you complain. Well it is a bit like the ‘holy grail’ or the secret ingredient of  Coca-cola as long as you have difficulty getting this ‘secret’ list of cases you will keep searching and you will value it highly. This makes the MRCGP exam more highly valued – whether that is an intended or unintended consequence I will leave you to conclude.

I have found a list of cases but think just giving them will not be that useful without a full write up. So I have decided to set up a wiki to provide a collaborative document for people who have done the MRCGP to share their information.  If you would like to collaborate please send me your email and some information about yourself and I will (God willing) add you on as a collaborator on the website.

If you have not got enough time to read a huge case list then concetrate on the basic areas:

  1. Paediatric case (Poor schooling, not growing well, bullying)
  2. Elderly case (Deafness, dry eyes, falls, dizziness)
  3. Chronic disease case (DM, IHD)
  4. Womens health case (Contraception, PMB)
  5. Men’s health (ED, LUTS)
  6. Infectious disease Case (TB, Pneumonia)
  7. Psychiatry case (Depression, GAD or OCD)
  8. Bad news (Cancer)
  9. Difficult patient (I want screening, I want my partner to be sterlised, Complain about your colleague etc.)
  10. Drug problems (EOH, Side effects, hidden agenda)
  11. Neuro (CTS, CVA)
  12. MSK (Back, shoulder, knee, carpal tunnel, OA)
  13. Skin (Eczema, psoriasis, fungal infection)
  14. GI (IBS, change of bowel habit)
  15. Resp (Asthma, COPD)
  16. Joker (anything)

If you stick to the basic method given here of asking questions getting information, exploring idea and addressing patient’s ICE then you should be able to deal with category 16.

If you still want to read a list of cases then it will God willing be here: (Started 2009-12-22 so be patient!)

Update 19th Jan 2016

I got a message asking for a case list, this has jogged my memory and – alhamdulillah – I found a case list that I had which people who had taken the MRCGP Int. had taken came up with. Credit here goes to my ex-colleagues Dr K Jaffer and M Sedhom.

I have placed the case list in a spreadsheet (only 6’ish years later!) click on the link below to have a look. I will try and fill the other columns but no promises.

Click here to see the MRCGP (Family Medicine) cases

Please leave your feedback if you have taken the MRCGP recently so others can benefit.