Two years come to an end 2014-2015

Bismillah, alhamdulillah:

Well I have finally moved away from the East coat to the West coast. Not it in the USA but across the Arabian peninsula. We said good bye to the Red Sea and now enjoy the waters and coastal winds of the Arabian Gulf. I thought I would read the Medscape 2015 and 2014 reviews and make a list of what caught my eye and give you their blurb and links of you felt like reading more:

  • Oct 2015: Does money driven medicine make doctors act in a different way? I loved this quote as it showed how human doctors really are and they are subject to the same commercial pressures as the rest of the inhabitants of this beautiful planet of ours.”the trend of hospital buying up medical practices is bad for physicians, patients and society.”
  • Sep 2015: More ?amazing medication for the treatment of DM (EMPA-REG trial data) SGLT-2 inhibitor (SodiumGLucoseTransport Inhibitor)
  • Sep 2015 – Diagnostic error rate: 5% OPD clinic errors – I wonder what the rate is in Primary Care land
  • Sep 2015 – SPRINT Trial: 3.5y trial, even tighter controls of BP, but inc risk of CKD induction esp if diastolic also low. Did they stop the trial too early to work out the increased harms at 5 yrs??
  • Jun 2015 – Will the monoclonal Antibodies change the face of medicine? FDA Approved a once monthly subcutaneous PCSK9 Inhibitors: AliroCUMAB, evoloCUMAB . They can reduce LDL by 70%. Expensive for now. Trial data awaited.
  • May 2015 : Small moving parts are where bacteria hide – Risk of ERCP carriage of bacteria even after sterilisation – cases in USA
  • Feb 2015 US IOM Starts to believe in ME – at least they have a label for it at last – the power of a label.

  • Sep 2014 Artificial sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin, sucralose) cause blood glucose abnormalities (in mice) – something to do with the gut microbiome!  As humans we have to care about human and bacterial cells, perhaps a new slogan would be: “Don’t forget to feed your friendly germs the right food everyday”.
  • Sep 2014 Salt in moderation is better than too low the PURE study reported. The question I am left with: How much time do researchers spend getting the right acronym for their study?

  • July 2014 CVD risk of Naproxen > Ibuprofen;
  • July 2014 Aspirin does not dec CVD risk with Naproxen but does so with COX2 inhibitors!
  • May 2014 Too much exercise bad (>5hrs per week at 30y inc risk of AF), or daily exercise inc risk of CVD death.

  • June 2014 Inhaled Insulin new approval (Afrezza), Restless Legs Syndrome (Relaxis), DNA testing in colorectal Ca screening (Cologuard)

  • Mar 2014 Hep C New drugs – amazing to see new drugs cropping up in this field


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