Bismillah,  alhamdulillah:

Have you heard of YouTube Kids? It was news for me. What was more surprising is that some of the channels, according to the panelists on this BMJ podcast,   are sponsored by fast food companies. 

The panelists discussed how subtle advertising and product placement are being used in these channels to advertise junk food to children. In some cases circumventing advertising restrictions that apply to traditional media such as TV. The WHO are currently thinking of coming up with ways to tackle the problem. First step: awareness. Please have a listen, the link and excerpt are below:

Advertising junk food to children
The BMJ Podcast
Duration: 18:30
Published: Fri, 04 Nov 2016 17:18:13

In the UK, junk food advertising is banned on children’s TV – but manufactures are still able to target children in other ways.  A recent report from the WHO  “Tackling food marketing to children in a…

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