Bismillah,  alhamdulillah: a documentary from the BBC on the effect of illicit drugs on dentition. One of the dentists in the program, who runs a clinic for illicit drug users in the USA,  gives the basic pathophysiology of the severe dental decay. Most users of illicit drugs get a very dry mouth,  the lack of saliva leads to overgrowth of plaque and further damage to teeth. The thirst pushes the users to consuming more sugary drinks and this is turn makes the whole situation worse.

Part of trying to rehabilitate drug users is to try and help them get back to work. One of the key things to getting a job – that many of us may take for granted – is a smile at a job interview. For this group of patients the severe loss of dentition puts them at a huge disadvantage.
Have a listen …

Drugs and the Dentist
Duration: 26:51
Published: Tue, 11 Oct 2016 03:00:00 +0000

Drugs like crystal meth and opiates wreck the teeth as well as the mind. In America, more than just about any country, good teeth are a sign of success and so dentists like Dr Bob Carter are helping f…


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