Bismillah,  alhamdulillah: a frequent question that our patients with hip and knee pain may ask their health care providers is should I have a hip or knee replacement? This BMJ podcast gives a patient’s view of having a total hip replacement for a fellow medic who was very wary of surgery. He had tried all the conservative therapies first. But the advise his orthopaedic doctor gave him stuck in his mind: ‘Do the operation when you are ready. When you can’t put your socks on – you are ready.’

Have a listen…

Having hip osteoarthritis
The BMJ Podcast
Duration: 12:40
Published: Fri, 08 Jul 2016 16:25:01 +0000

2.46 million people in England have osteoarthritis of the hip, and many of those go on to eventually have a hip replacement – which is now widely considered one of the most commonly performed and successful operation. 


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