Bismillah, alhamdulillah: I was browsing around our local big supermarket trying to keep my  self fruitfully engaged while my wife got on with the important things in life called shopping when I spotted one of these!

Hand badminton by Be Active

The toy obviously did not catch on, it had been relegated to a culdesac in the last corner of the large superstore. Dust was slowly gathering on the surface and the 38 QAR felt a bit over priced. But as a device to get children  running around indoors and burning calories this looks like a really good idea!  I will be trying it out and aim to report back. If it gets them running around the  it’s the sort of indoor toy that Family Doctors and health centres could give away free as a means to combat obesity in our young population. Let me know if you have similar ideas or tips.


Well the “handinton” as opposed to badminton got the kids and me moving. But the space needed to play the game is more than available indoors. It also needs a net to allow for some game rules. The ‘feather hit’ is a bit heavier than I would like and my hand palm is smarting and I had to take evasive action when the returns were smashed back. Safety wise for indoors there are a few areas of concern.

I think the take home message is that we need to involve game / toy designers, architects, the sports fraternity and primary health care givers to come up with and promote games that get our kids (and their parents) moving in the home space. Anyone out there interested?


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