Bismillah,  alhamdulillah: doctors are in a very fortunate position to meet a large number of people from different walks of life – some patients others not. They share many moments from the rich tapestry of life and in those moments we get to hear their gems of wisdom. I thought it would be a good idea to start to write down their gems. If you hear of any it would be wonderful if you could share them with the world.

I remember one patient in London telling me his gem: “Listen to your body“. He said he has learned that from his swami or yogi. Perhaps it had a deeper transcendental meaning but what I took away from it was something more immediate. I like quoting that gem to patients, and ask them to think about the consequences of their lifestyle on their bodies. It is a useful way of thinking about rigorous sports in a 40 year old who has the early signs of knee damage or patients in a very stressful job and their diabetes or blood pressure is out of control. Rather than listen to their doctors it helps to direct them to listen to their bodies. 


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