Bismillah, alhamdulillah: interesting podcast on a very new topic. Babies born by C section versus normal delivery have been noted to have different risks of non communicable diseases. The risks of obesity and asthma are greater in C section babies. The biome bacterial commensal flora between these two babies is different. So it has been the request of some mothers that vaginal seeding be done after a C section.

A gauze of vaginal fluid from the mother is applied to the newborn, starting from the mouth and then all over the body. This is an attempt to direct bacterial colonisation and make it resemble a vaginal delivery.

The author of an editorial in the BMJ discusses the lack of evidence for the practice and cite possible worries of introducing infection to the newborn but estimate the risk is unlikely to be greater than a vaginal delivery. The  benefits are as of yet uncertain but this is likely to be a hot topic of research in the future and mothers may ask what we would advise.

What is vaginal seeding – and is it safe
The BMJ Podcast

How should health professionals engage with this increasingly popular but unproved practice?

Aubrey Cunnington, a consultant pediatrician from Imperial College London joins us to discuss.

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