Bismillah, alhamdulillah:

Communication tools are great for communication and getting the health message across to patients. The recent example from the Mayo clinic on CVD risk assessment was one such example. My personal favourite is Dr Rupert Payne’s CVD risk calculator.  Framingham Rupert PayneOnce I draw the hba1c-chartattention of the patient to their risk and then unclick their smoking status the jump from a red or yellow zone to a green zone has an amazing effect on patients. Many patients have given up smoking after seeing this! I loved the speedometer concept by with regard to the HbA1c.



Insulin PICT (6)Insulin PICT (12)But what about instructing patients on how to take insulin and set up their own ‘slow sliding scale’. In the UK a lot of this work is done by diabetic educators but with the case load in diabetes being very high I have been looking around for a simple answer.  I have had a rummage through the Internet but did not find much. So I came up with my own little Patient Instruction Communication Tool which I am trialling out on patients.


  • Presentation link – note you can download this to your desktop as a Powerpoint file.
  • The slides use what I call the Slow Sliding Scale i.e. changes in insulin dosage based on a 3 day set of readings – if 2 out of 3 or 3  out of 3 readings are above the target then a change to the insulin dose is made.
  • Each slide has a small explanatory text in the bottom right hand corner which suggests how to use it.
  • Use and/or modify it as you need.

Let me know if you have any: suggestions, find it useful, develop it further or translate it into a different language.



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