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Can we send patients with a PPM for an MRI? One study says yes.

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I was just asked the question whether or not we could request an MRI for a patient with a PPM. I thought the answer was no but I rang our MRI department and they informed me that they did not accept patient’s with PPMs. But having Googled it I came across the following study. Perhaps I should get our MRI department to comment on it.

A team led by Saman Nazarian, MD, of Johns Hopkins University, conducted 555 MRI scans on 438 patients with pacemakers (237) or defibrillators (201). Of the 555 MRI examinations, 222 (40 percent) were of the brain, 122 (22 percent) were of the spine, 89 (16 percent) were of the heart, 72 (13 percent) were of the abdomen or pelvis, and 50 (9 percent) were of an extremity. The team monitored patients before, during, and after the scans.


2 thoughts on “Can we send patients with a PPM for an MRI? One study says yes.

  1. Interesting study. Good number of patients.
    I think there is a role for this in future and with careful selection criteria I think it may be feasible.

    The study needs further validation with multi centre large scale studies before it can be accepted internationally due to the safety implications and potential damage to human life and cost of damage to machinery.

    However, once again, this comes down to a risk/benefit issue.

    If no other investigation can be performed and there is no other choice but to perform the exam, in these circumstances it may be justifiable. Otherwise, it is probably better to play it safe for the moment.

    1. Thank you for the comment and reply Dr Ziyad. For the benefit of others, Dr Ziyad is one of our Consultant radiologists at King Faisal Hospital in Jeddah.

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