From Evernote:

The fight against junk food – some useful info.

Clipped from:

  • 72% parents pestered to buy junk food – 1000 parent survey
  • ‘Wt loss 90% calorie cuts 10% exercise.’ American College of Cardiology
  • Mcdonalds natural sponsor of Olympics?

A survey by the Children’s Food Trust of more than 1,000 parents with at least one child aged between three and 15 revealed that the majority believed advertising had an effect on what their children asked for. Some 72% said they had bought fast food or other unhealthy products as a result of pestering by their child. …

This was backed by a spokesman for the American College of Cardiology, Dr Matthew Sorrentino, who said that 90% of weight loss is achieved by cutting calories, and 10% is achieved by significantly increasing physical activity. Soon, the Olympic Games will take place. Embarrassingly, McDonald’s is the main sponsor.


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