From Evernote:

Knee study (No 111 Obese pats, MRI) – 5Kg weight loss IMPROVES knee cartilage within a year.

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This is a nice article that can be a positive incentive for patients to loose weight. A 5 kilogram weight loss to save yourself having a knee replacement sounds like a good deal and perhaps is something that overweight patients can visualise as an early gain and hence be a more powerful motivator for behaviour change.

"A recent study is encouraging concerning the effects of weight loss on knee joint preservation and perhaps even on rejuvenation. A study published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases looked at 111 obese patients, one third of whom already suffered knee arthritis.[4]

Knee cartilage thickness was assessed using MRI at the beginning of the study and again 1 year later. The researchers found that weight loss helped preserve knees and led to improvement in both the quality and quantity of knee cartilage. Patients lost, on average, 9-10 pounds, and the more weight lost, the greater the increase in cartilage thickness."


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