Bismillah, alhamdulillah.

This Wed, 28th March, Dr Neamtullah from the Family Medicine dept presented his the grand round entitled ‘Travel medicine and Update’ Here are some of the brief notes I made:

Rifaximin 200 mg new abx for diarr.
Most travellers diarr 80pt are bacterial.
Prophylaxis: boil, cook, peel it or forget it.

Jet lag going east is worse then going west 1 day per time zone crossed. Ie 8hrs needs 8 day.
Light Rx EASTWARD travel get light in AM and vice versa.
Melatonin works but no recmndtn.

Long haul flight 6hrs non stop Dvt risk 1 in 100000
Obesity + coc x30 rr
No sig diff bet bsns class.
Window seat x2 anxiety x2
PE >6-7 hr flight inc risk.
Other RRs for PE by type of transport: Train 3.5 car 2.2 aircraft 1.7-4

One questioner asked about travel insurance and the cost of medical cover when travelling. The floor’s advice was to take it bec of the unpredictable costs regarding health.

Classically the Islamic legal system regards insurance as a formn of gambling. The Islamically legal alternative is a mutuality, but the tranaparent practice of this in the health field is not well known to myself. As the world of insurance slowly envelops the world I wonder if anyone can remain free from the contagion insurance in its many guises? The impact of insurance on increasing health costs is a debate that the US is currently going through and perhaps this should serve as a wake up call for the many societies which are contemplating the whole sale embrace of insurance as an answer to the ever burgeoning cost of health.


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