Bismillah, alhamdulillah.

Heard a nice podcast from the BBC on Dementia. Take home points:

  • 35 million have it world wide.
  • Singing and music may help but patients point out it is contact with others that matters.
  • Goa psychiatrist, Dr Amit Dias, has a new idea: Sangath Dementia Project with a community outreach project for dementia.
  • Angst of relatives who promised to keep their elderly relatives at home but who need to send them to an institution.
  • Simple ideas from Dementia House: lighting should be increased as yellowing of the cornea causes difficulty in depth perception. Long life bulbs decrease in their luminosity with time and need regular changing! A telephone where the quick dial buttons have pictures of relatives rather than names. Infra red sensor connected near the bed and to an in-house pager, if they wake up at night someone can come to assist them. A little door opening audio prompt that says ‘Don’t forget your keys’. A clock that gives the time, the date, the day, the month and the time of day as in evening or morning and the year.

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