Bismillah, alhamdulillah.

The dying light of NHS care, a comment piece in the Guardian describing the last few days of the writers wife as she lay dying in her home. Initially impressed by the charity Marie Curie and their hospice care the husband then notes how things began to deteriorate and traces the hand of US corporates in the background:

Then the carers began coming late. The person expected at 10pm on Christmas Eve arrived at 12.15 on Christmas morning. Apparently her managers, truculent people unwilling to listen to suggestions, had not organised the minicab from her south London home. On a subsequent evening two carers arrived, each claiming to have been sent by their managers. The NHS had, I later gathered, been obliged to take the second-class service offered by a disorganised offshoot of some US corporation: unsurprisingly its low standards allowed it to undercut Marie Curie’s bid for the work. It seemed bizarre that the NHS was manoeuvred by an aggressive privatisation lobby into accepting a clearly inferior service from a company run from a country incapable of organising a health service for its own citizens.


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