Moxonidine (physiotens)

Centrally acting. Not unpopular in KSA.  Works. Dose: Start 0.2 mg qd (Max 0.4 mg qd). Don’t combine with HTZ, arrythmias, eGFR <60.  MOXCON trial : inc mortality in Heart failure given Moxonidine. Does improve insulin resistance but not by much (-0.2 mmol/l).

Package insert. Agonist of  imidazoline receptor subtype 1 (I1) found in medulla oblangata. Compared to the older central-acting antihypertensives, moxonidine binds with much greater affinity to the imidazoline I1-receptor than to the α2-receptor. In contrast, clonidine binds to both receptors with equal affinity.

Do not use the above information to self treat! These are meant as a place for me to jot my obervations and notes down rather than on scraps of paper all over the place.  If you feel ou may benefit seek the help of a doctor and discuss any ideas you have with him/her.


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