A primary care medical conference in Jeddah, as advertised below:

The Department of Family Medicine, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  (www.kfshrcj.org) is holding its 2nd Family Medicine Symposium on Jan 27 – 28, 2009, at the Inter-Continental Hotel Jeddah.  This symposium is being held in collaboration with the Saudi Society for Family & Community Medicine – Jeddah (www.ssfcm.org/ssfcm_en/index.php) and the Joint Program for Family Medicine, Jeddah.

Last year at our first symposium, we had more than five hundred thirty registered participants, besides a large number of prominent national and international speakers.

This year’s symposium is primarily directed towards the family physicians and general practitioners. However, the symposium is open to residents, nurses, researchers and other allied health professionals. We plan to cover a wide variety of medical topics, including medical updates that would be of interest to our target audience.

We invite you to attend this symposium and benefit from knowledge sharing.  International participants will have an excellent opportunity to closely observe the fascinating local culture and rich heritage in Saudi Arabia.

Link to conference website.

The hospital will arrange a business visa to enter Saudi Arabia but sufficient time should be given for this process which is relatively straight forward.


8 thoughts on “Conference on Primary Care in Jeddah

  1. I am interested in attending the event. I am a nursing instructor and my persnal interest is in family medicine, public health teaching and upgrading nurses knowledge. Please advise me how to register for the conference many thanks
    Farhana Siddique Jeddah ferfar@hotmail.co.uk

    1. Thank you for your interest. You will be able to register on site at the conference or can do so by coming to King Faisal Specilaist Hospital (التخصصي) in Rawadah and register before hand. Ask for ATA Academic and Training Affairs, you will need to bring you Saudi Council card.

  2. thankyou so much for the contact. I am not working yet in Jeddah so I do not have the saudi council card yet. I have only my UK NMC registration or Iqama number as I am on my husband’s Iqama. In fact I am searching where to get Saudi Council registration, even I wrote to ministry of health through its website but I am unable to locate a contact address or a website to register with Saudi council, please can you guide me, I would be grateful. I have no knowledge about it. Anyway I would come tomorrow at your site to regsiter beforehand to ensure my prticipation even just as a delegate. I have attended nursing and medical conferences globally and presented papers and posters in many events. I am very enthusiastic about this event as it would be my first experience in Gulf region. Thanks a lot. Farhana Siddique-ferfar@hotmail.com

  3. thanks for all replies, please let me know how many participants/delegates attended the conference
    thanks a lot

    1. Thank you for support in attending the conference and helpful comments. We will announce on via the web details about the regional website, God willing.

  4. inshallah, jazakallahul khairan, Hope nurses would take an active part contributing to website as well, May I know please how many total participants attended the symposium and if possible how many nurses attended, it would help me in my presentation
    thanks a lot

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