Came across what sounded like an interesting article from the title Functional Dyspepsia Usually Worsened by Meal Intake it is reviewed by Medscape as part of their CME series for doctors (link). The study tried to work out the time course of symptoms post-meal and came up with the conclusion that there is a temporal link between meals and symptoms. The symptoms occurred in the following order about 15 minutes after the meal fullness, bloating, nausea, belching and lastly epigastric pain. Functional dyspepsia is striclty speaking an endocsopic diagnosis where there is no underlying pathology noted on endoscopy to account for findings.

At first glance this study seems a bit inane. But it provides valuable corroboration for an intuitive conclsuion that most family doctors have i.e. there is a link between dyspepsia and meals. This might seem like an obviously true statement but as illustrated by the NICE guidelines on dyspepsia the evidence linking lifestyle measures and types of meals to dyspepsia is contradictory at best and non-existant at worse. This study provides evidence of causality of symptoms to meals. It confirms my own observations on the relationship between meals, types of meals and functional dyspepsia.


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